The Perfect Gift of Dance

EVERYONE can learn to dance! A dance gift certificate makes the perfect gift for everyone, all the time: it's always the right size, suits every occasion, never gets returned, and can be appreciated forever. Get into the excitement, glamour, and healthy fun of dancing through Arthur Murray Dance Centers Central New Jersey!

Why Choose Arthur Murray Dance Centers Central New Jersey for Dance Lessons & Your Gift Giving Needs?

For over a century, Arthur Murray Dance Centers have helped people from all walks of life to become confident, socially graceful dancers. Singles, couples, kids, young adults, and families are all welcome to learn to dance -- let's create a community of dancing fun!

Over 40 million people have enhanced their social lives by learning to dance quickly and easily the Arthur Murray way: at the dancer's personal pace, through private lessons, small semi-private group classes, social practice sessions, dance parties and no-pressure performances.  Looking for something advanced?  We also offer wedding and special performance choreography, competitive coaching, teacher training, and other personalized programs.

Anyone can become a comfortable partner dancer or a competitive hobby dancer.  Our highly-trained, certified instructors are here to help each student achieve their personal dance goals!  Don't you and your gift recipient deserve to have a little fun?  It's the perfect gift to share!  (Remember to grab a gift for yourself -- EVERYONE should be dancing!)

Contact us today to Walk In, Dance Out!

Put a little fun in your life...try dancing!

Kathryn Murray
Arthur Murray Int'l Co-founder, Host of the Arthur Murray Dance Party